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Cookies policy

NAU Agency informs you about the use of cookies in this website.
What are the cookies?
Cookies are small files that websites send to the web browser which then stores the information in the user’s data terminal, of which could be a computer, a telephone, a tablet or any other device.
Other uses consist of allowing the web page to store and recover information about the user’s or a team's browsing habits and, depending on the information obtained, on would be able to use this information to acknowledge the user and improve the offered service.
Why does NAU Agency use cookies?
NAU Agency strictly uses only the necessary cookies so that the user can freely browse with better facility. Using this one can help improve user service, measuring the performance and use of the website, allowing for optimisation and personalisation.
It’s possible that the website has links to other websites or social networks (such as Facebook or Twitter). So, in this sense, NAU Agency doesn’t control all of the cookies used by these external websites. For more information on cookies from social networks or other unconnected site, we suggest you revise your own cookie policies.
Acceptance on cookie policy
NAU Agency assumes that the user accepts the use of cookies.
How can I modify the configuration of the cookies?
The applicable legislation obliges us to seek permission from the user to manage the cookies. In the case that the user decides to not allow this permission, NAU Agency will store any cookies, and will only use the technical cookies given that they are necessary to browse the website.
The user can limit, block or delete used cookies for NAU Agency or any other web page using their browser. In each browser the operator is different, therefore providing links to different browsers about how to carry out these modifications: 
In the event of new changes in the configuration of these cookies, NAU Agency will not ensure the correct functioning of the different functions of every website.
Need more information?
NAU Agency is delighted to answer any kind of doubt or question that is not specifically related to the policy over cookies. In this case, the user can send us any said doubts to the following email address: info@nauagency.com